MailerLite Crash Course

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Setting Up Your MailerLite Account, Sending Your Opt-in Gift Automatically, Setting Up a Free Mini-course or Welcome Series

In this lesson, we cover alot so be sure to have Mailerlite  open in another window so you can see it side by side.

Now in this  video, we cover alot in just 15 minutes. (see below) But first I want to go over a couple of terms you might not be familiar with:

  • Auto Responder is a series of emails that get sent out automatically to every new subscriber regardless of when they sign up for your list.  A free 5-day mini-course is an autoresponder 
  • Welcome series –  (For more on what to say in your welcome series emails click here) is a special autoresponder that gets set out to new subscribers showing them your best content, products, free training and where to hang out with you on social media.  *note if you have a free mini-course/challenge for your free gift you may not need a welcome series but the way you set up a mini-course in Mailerlite is the same ways as how you set up a welcome series*