10,000 Ft View Of Your Year / Promotional Calendar

(90 Day Year Style With a Twist)


This board is for planning your Goals, Projects & Promotions for the next quarter or give you 10,000 ft view of your year. 


I’ll be the first one to admit, I’m was totally allergic to planning ahead. As a shoot from the hip, wild child, I even hated it when Google calendar told me what to do. (I’ll call the dentist when I feel like CALENDAR!).

>>Which is why before diving into this board I always ask myself:

If I ran my business & life with no fear and EVERYTHING went “right” this year – what would my business look like? What would my day to day FEEL like?

How would I make money? How with I interact with my community? How would I show up? 

Because you when you anchor yourself in your true desires FIRST all of this planning stuff doesn’t feel so BLEH. Which leaves you MORE room to create MORE  magic because all  your “important stuff” is taking care of. 

How to Copy The Board To Your Own Trello Account

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How to rock this board like a champ…

Start thinking about your year in quarters. What are a couple of big goals you’d like to get done (only 1 big goal per quarter) like:

  • Get 5,000 email subscribers
  • Gross $50,000 In sales
  • Have a major launch
  • Read a book
  • Create a course.
  • Rebrand website
  • Affiliate launches/promotions

You get you get the point.

Once you’ve assigned a big goal for the quarter now you can break down all the projects and tasks you think you need to get done to reach your goals for example:

Goal: Get 5,000 subscribers in q1


  • Do 3 Guest posts in January
  • Run at least 3 tag team webinars in February
  • Host mega giveaway in March

Then you’d break down each of those projects into tasks

For guest posts –

  • Find 10 sites to pitch to
  • join those blog’s mailing list (start replying back to the owner’s emails to start building a relationship)
  • Create a customizable pitch template
  • Come up with 20 original blog post ideas just in case
  • Send initial pitch email to 10 blogs
  • Send follow up messages 4-7 days later
  • Once accepted – outline all posts, write all articles, update author bio to include relevant freebie.
  • Thank blog owner for hosting you
  • Share post like crazy
  • Add it to email autoresponder to build authority.

Next comes the super magic – 2 weeks sprints. This is where you give yourself permission to full just work on the tasks at hand. (Now other stuff may come up like client work so you might only be able to focus on your project’s tasks in the morning then do your other stuff at night.

Speaking of other stuff – Like to break my month into 2- 2-week sprints like this

First 2 Weeks – All my free stuff  for the month

  • Batch record, edit, and upload 4-6 podcasts episodes – release 1 per week)
  • Bang out 4 blog posts for the month,  I would love to write 6 but my post tend to be huge and take a couple of days to write, edit, format etc *I’m working on it*.
  • I also create all my social media for the month
  • While I could batch write my weekly newsletter, I like to talk about the stuff that goes on in the news, my industry and life so I write those real time.

Second 2 weeks – Paid stuff. This can be:

  • Creating a new paid course, program or product
  • Creating or tweaking a sales funnel
  • Performing half day intensive & audits
  •  Working on marketing campaigns & ads etc
  • Working on launch assets
  • Guest blog posting (to build audience)
  • Setting up JV Webinar
  • Running Webinar just for my audience
  • Depending on how large my paid 2-week spirt projects are I like

I like to get 6 weeks of free content done – so I can have another 2 weeks of focusing on paid stuff. So it goes:

  • Free
  • Paid
  • Paid
  • Free
  • Paid
  • Paid

 Click the picture below to download the board!

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